Welcome to our online radio station

Here at the Edge, we know what online radio and being a part of our roleplay community is all about.

Most of our DeeJays have "been there, and done that". We have tried and true veterans of the genre on board that have helped pioneer radio in our community and are ready to bring down the house. Steeped in a tradition and spirit of comraderie and fun that brings our friends and family together, we've created this radio station to bring you cutting edge programming and entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Our goal is not just to provide entertainment, but also to bring you informative topics about your roleplay community, real and current life events, and to keep you abreast of everything that is happening on roleplay evolution both now, and in the future, and that's not all!

We'll also be available to host and play your events, whether it be an avatar auction, a grand opening, or just a night of chilling out, we got you. We offer fully customized show hosting where you can request not only the DeeJay, but the music, the style, the flow, and everything inbetween.

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